Katie Emerson

Katie has a deep passion for alternative and holistic therapies. She left her career as an audiologist to study classical homeopathy and ozone therapy, and completed her advanced ozone therapy studies in 2021 and practical ozone training with experienced practitioners in 2022.

Ozone therapy benefits include:

  • Increased circulation
  • pain relief
  • tissue oxygenation
  • cell rejuvenation
  • reduced inflammation
  • anti-aging
  • immune system stimulation
  • reduction of bacteria and viruses
  • enhanced antioxidant system
  • detoxification

Ozone therapy supports acute or chronic disease. For severe diseases, like cancer, ozone therapy can improve quality of life by increasing energy, decreasing pain and balancing the immune system.

Although able to support acute homeopathic cases, Katie’s present clinical focus is ozone therapy. She looks forward to working with both modalities in the future.

Katie is available at Tranquility Body and Mind on Wednesdays. She may be able to accommodate other days off-site if required. She also offers off-site topical ozone and insufflation treatments to support dogs and cats with acute or chronic conditions. For more details, or to book an appointment, please contact her directly at

First Consultation (prior to treatment)


First Consultation (prior to treatment) for chronic, long-term illness


Ozone Therapy Treatment Range from $10 ----- $225 a Session depending on your needs and condition.

$10.00 to $225.00

By Appointment Only. Please contact your practitioner directly.