Chris Kentsley

In Focus Life Coaching

This came about through my desire to help people cope with those events that life throws you along the path. I have been in the corporate world with those stresses and pressure including redundancies along with creating a life change with several different business, some successful, others not, giving me many years of experience dealing with significant challenges.

I have also done volunteer work with people in addiction recovery and having had significant breakthroughs with many of them gave me motivation to pursue being a life coach, more recently studying hypnotherapy. As a thinking partner my skill is to assist with making sense through the fog by empathetic listening, drawing out, helping with clear direction with set strategies.

Below are the individual services Chris offers to help you reverse the effects of stress, tension and bad habits to regain health and happiness in your day-to-day life. For more information visit his website

Contact Chris by phone 021 786 923 or email .

Life Coaching

One on one coaching helping you with life events; relationships, business, confidence, addictions. Create clear direction with set strategies.


Designed to compliment coaching sessions with positive suggestions for a therapeutic effect on mind and body.

By Appointment Only. Please contact your practitioner directly.