Our Grand Opening Day

On the 7th October, at exactly three pm the doors to Tranquility Mind and Body were opened to the public. But before this even occurred, lets step back to about a month prior and remember the building with the horrid 1960’s pink wallpaper and the cold, lifeless interior. The reforming of the building and the new life restored to it was done by just a little bit of paint and a lot of time.

Step forward, back to the day of our opening.

The morning had been a quiet one with the sun trying its hardest to peek through the long white clouds New Zealand is known for. The wind tickled through the trees, as the peace of the morning drew on; the lights flickered on in the front room of the center and poured through the gaps in the drawn blinds.

Essential oils were placed in the diffusers all around the old building, helping to breathe life and warmth back into the rooms. The Tranquility Mind and Body flag stomped into the ground at the top the hill, drawing the eye and catching the attention of all who passed by.

The morning consisted of set up, but as the day drew closer to three pm; the stepping of hurried, anxious feet could be heard as all who were taking part in the center rushed to ensure the building was inviting, warm and happy.

By the time three pm came, the building was flooded by many people who had watched our journey since the very start, on our Facebook page. Food was serviced with specialised Mocktails in the big bottom room; that any other day of week was used as either a Yoga or Dance room. Though busy we all still managed to greet and talk to everyone, letting them know all about us and what everyone at the Center provides for the client.

As the day drew to a close, the sun had already started hide back behind the clouds and the building quietened down to a murmur as everyone worked peacefully to clean and prepare for the week that was about to follow.

At roughly seven pm that night the blinds were drawn for yet another night, the lights shut off and the doors locked, as the owner and her family left for a night of relaxing after a busy day.

A feeling of serenity fell on all who worked at Tranquility Mind and Body, as they realised that they were officially open; ready to give treatments and help people with their spiritual growth.

And that was the day we officially opened for business.

Thanks for reading,