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Shakira Sequoia

Shakira is a gifted healer and energy-therapist, who offers unique and compassionate tools to support self-empowerment, healing and wellbeing. Her passion lays in working alongside clients, to achieve and maintain optimum health and total wellbeing – on all levels.

“I believe the key to all transformation lies in finding a self-awareness that is authentic and sustainable. This is the cornerstone on which I build my practice”  ~  Shakira

30-minute treatment $50.00

60-minute treatment $95.00

90-minute treatment $130.00

To make a booking visit her personal website or call (09) 930 1597.


This natural healing method creates a deep relaxation and allows your body to release stress and tension. Reiki accelerates the body’s self-healing abilities and supports the immune system.

Reiki balances the life force energy that flows through us by a gentle ‘laying on of hands’. If our energy is low, we’re far more likely to get sick, feel stressed and overwhelmed.

Single sessions – or a series of them – may be required depending on the nature of the imbalance. As appropriate, Reiki Crystals are incorporated – either on the body or under the table – to enhance the healing experience.

30 & 60-Minute appointments available

Chakra Balancing

Well-balanced chakras mean you’ll feel relaxed, centred and have renewed enthusiasm. This increases vitality and feelings of wellbeing.

The chakras are the body’s energy centres. They help regulate all its processes from organ function, to the immune system and emotions. They can easily become unbalanced with everyday life. This technique uses non-invasive, vibrational energy healing to restore the harmonious flow of energy. Each Chakra is treated both individually, and as part of the dynamic energy system as a whole.

One-Hour Balancing or 30-minute rebalancing

Nurturing The Woman Within

When a lengthy retreat just isn’t an option, experience this bespoke healing treatment that nurtures your mind and body – all in a one-hour session.

This unique healing combines oracle cards, aura clearing, aroma-oil massage and crystal chakra balancing. It’s designed to leave you rebalanced, recharged and brimming with positive energy. As cathartic as a tropical holiday.

Complementary Aura-Clearing Spray, enables ongoing nurturing throughout the weeks that follow.

One Hour Luxury package

Unique to Pathways Through Wellbeing

Nurturing Weekend Special $80.00 – contact Shakira on 022 069 3525 for details

Body Tuning

If you are feeling exhausted and overstimulated, this healing will sooth the senses and bring a sense of peacefulness, as it energises, balances and aligns you.

Every session is completely unique, depending on your needs on the day.  Sound Healing – vibrational medicine – balances the frequency and resonance of each cell, dissolving energy blockages and tensions.

  • Herbal Plant Tinctures (taste)
  • Essential-Oils (smell)
  • Light Spectrum infusion (sight)
  • Sound Healing – Tibetan bowls, Shamanic Drumming, Key-Frequency Earth song (sound)
  • Tuning Vibration (touch) to rebalance and restore the natural state of harmony and equilibrium (there is no pressure, massage or manipulation)

This one-hour sensory alignment helps to restore your body’s natural state of harmony and equilibrium.

One Hour Luxury package

Unique to Pathways Through Wellbeing

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is an ancient art of healing that clears, energises and balances the body, mind and spirit. It is one of the most effective methods for cleansing the Aura.

Crystals amplify the Light-Energy available for activating the subtle realms within your being, stimulating your own natural healing ability. Crystals are energy transmitters – their crystalline structure indicate that they can absorb, focus and then transmit subtle electromagnetic energy. There’s no limit to the types or level of healing you can get from the right crystal or stone in the right application.

Oracle Crystal Healing

Added depth and potency is given to the Crystal Healing with the inclusion of Crystal Ally Oracle Cards.  The guidance (consciousness behind the crystals) support the choice of crystals chosen for your personal healing grid. The Crystal Ally Oracle Cards include metaphysical information, affirmations, meditations, and exercises for personal growth, divination and healing.

Astrological Crystal Healing

Astrological Crystal Healings are based upon your natal birth chart, the current transiting planets, and the resulting energetic signature created.  Fusing astrological wisdom with crystal healing brings insight, and clarity, to events currently unfolding in your life.

Each Zodiac symbol (sign) offers a unique healing formation, and crystal grid. Details of your birth (time, date and place of birth) are essential, at time of booking.

One Hour appointment


Pathways Through Wellbeing massages invoke relaxation. They calm the mind, ease aches and pains, and soothe discomfort within the body.   Everyone needs caring contact to thrive, and massage has the power to elicit positive, life-affirming feelings and responses.


Indian Head Massage
You’ll find your aches and pains are alleviated, sleep quality will be much improved, and stress and anxiety levels will be reduced.

As well as being utterly indulgent and sensorial, this treatment is a fast-track to deep relaxation through the calming of the mind and body. It’ll get your oxytocin flowing, reduce stress hormones and increase dopamine levels by focusing on the tension-carrying areas of the body such as the upper arms and back, shoulders, neck, head, ears and face.

30-minute appointment

Crystal Massage Therapy
Massage is not just a luxury – it’s a way to a happier healthier life.  Combining the relaxing benefits of traditional massage with the ancient art of crystal healing.

Experience the tranquility of a warm, calm and peaceful healing space. The meditative approach to this treatment, supports heart-mind-body integration, bringing deep relaxation and inner peace.  Indulge in beautiful aromatic oils, peaceful music and soft lighting. Enjoy the rebalancing and healing crystal-grid under the massage table. Be pampered by healing hands and Rose Quartz massage wands.

Bookings are essential for this 90-minute treatment.

Corporate Chair Massage

Contact Shakira directly, at for rates, terms and availability