Tanya Gatland


Dealing with unpredictable bloating, discomfort, belching, upset stomach, constipation, thrush,  irritability, loss of energy and embarrassing side effects?

Do you feel like you’re suffering through this alone?

You are a unique individual and you deserve customized attention.

Digestive wellness plays a big role in our mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Around 70% of our immune system is located in our gut. Medications and lifestyle choices can cause your gut to become “leaky”. Cultivating a microbiome friendly lifestyle is key to vitality and living a life of our personal best, maintaining  a balance of these bacteria aids in digestion, pain and anxiety management.

Connect the dots between the foods you eat, products you use, and how you look and feel.

Get the tools, strategies and support to enable your body to work for you.

For me this work is personal.  I struggled with inflammatory bowel disease and food sensitivities for over a decade, before finding a path to healing my digestion.  This was a lonely and frustrating journey.

I figured out which foods are nourishing for me and how interconnected stress, sleep and movement is for my body.

I became a Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach so that I can help others navigate their own journey.

Tanya is available on Tuesday and Friday.

To make a booking email: or call 027 500 4730

First Consultation 1hr


Follow Up 45 mins


By Appointment Only. Please contact your practitioner directly.