Zsuzsa Veress

With many years of experience and a lifetime devoted to learning about healing and wellness, I have a passion for healing therapies and energy work.

I specialise in reflexology, aromatherapy, and spiritual healing. I also make use of EAV, a fabulous tool to assist in the assessment of out of balance organs and the best treatment protocols to use for an individual wellness plan.

To book call: 0210 273 8912


Single Session $75
A foot treatment useful for creating balance in a stressed body. Reflexology reduces the symptoms of many ailments, including digestive complaints, chronic fatigue, headaches, depression and more. A relaxing, yet revitalising therapy that has an effect on the whole body. To achieve best results a course is the recommended but single sessions are very beneficial.

Course of treatments* $420


Back and head massage $75
A flowing, relaxing massage using specially blended essential oils for ultimate relaxation and stress release. Acupressure, lymphatic drainage and a little muscle work will leave you feeling calm yet re-energised.


Full body massage $120

Spiritual Healing/Reiki

Single Session $75
A hands-on healing technique that realigns our energy centres (chakras) and brings peace, clarity and balance to our lives. Used for emotional, spiritual or physical problems.

EAV Bio-feedback Testing

First Session $150
A computerised health screening tool, this method assists in the finding the possible cause of physical symptoms, vitamin and mineral requirements, food intolerances and more. A non-invasive approach that provides a healthy, natural option to regain good health.

EAV Bio-feedback Testing

Subsequent Appointments $125